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The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and Divequest holidays

To all our Divequest clients and friends:

The new coronavirus endemic is having a profound effect on many aspects of our lives, and not just on international travel.

At the present time we do not envisage being able to operate any holidays until after mid-May 2020, and as the situation is constantly evolving, it may be longer than that before holidays can operate again, perhaps much longer.

Our office has been in touch with all those booked on holidays scheduled to depart up to mid-May, and if need be will be in touch with those booked on holidays scheduled to depart thereafter (naturally, we will be in touch on a rolling basis: if your holiday departure is far off we will not be contacting you until much nearer the time of departure).

We envisage the possibility that it may become impossible, owing to government restrictions on movement, to answer our phones throughout our standard office hours, so we would recommend communicating by email. We apologise for this, but as you will understand it may also not be possible for us to answer emails as quickly as we usually do.

We are taking the necessary steps so that Divequest will stay open during the crisis and, as this company is in a strong financial position, I can reassure all of you that we will certainly be here long after this pandemic storm has passed. I say this simply because of all the current talk about tour operators and airlines potentially going out of business because of the crisis. There are, it is true, a lot of weak businesses out there. We are not among them.

Please all keep safe and follow your local health authority's recommendations.

Inger Vandyke and Mark Beaman